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Studio City Upholstery Cleaning

There are many kinds of furniture including antiques, patio furniture, showroom pieces, restaurant seating, bedroom sets, office furniture, doctor’s waiting room furniture and even pet furniture! One thing they all have in common is the need to get and keep their upholstery clean and contaminant free. Doing this prolongs your financial investment in your pieces and allows you to purchase furniture less often. It also comes with health and visual benefits as clean furniture upholstery looks good, feels good, and helps prevent sickness and discomfort. Studio City Affordable Carpet Cleaning offers the area’s finest upholstery cleaning for all kinds of residential and commercial furniture. We have very affordable rates, state of the art cleaning methods, and convenient cleaning times to fit every busy schedule.

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Dirt and grime are your furniture’s biggest enemies. They work hard to break down the woven fibers of your furniture fabric. This deterioration is what causes holes to form and cushions to break apart, leaving you to need new furniture or at least have your pieces re-upholstered.

Q: I regularly blot spills and vacuum my cushions. Isn’t this enough?

A: Good housekeeping always helps but doesn’t take the place of professional service. For the best Studio City upholstery cleaning call our company and schedule a session from our technicians. We spot test each piece before cleaning, use eco-friendly, non-toxic cleaning solutions and powerful, very effective cleaning methods like steam cleaning, hot water extraction, and dry foam cleaning. These methods are very effective at removing grime, dirt and other contaminants.

Q: I heard that dust mites can inhabit my cushions and furniture fabric. Is this bad?

A: Dust mites feed off of dead human and animal skin and can multiply rapidly. Their excretions can cause serious illness in people with weaker immunities like the elderly or children. Trips to the emergency room can occur when asthma sufferers or people with allergies have prolonged exposure to dust mites, pollen, bacteria and drywall dust that is normally found in most upholstery. Add to this mixture food spills, urine, pet dander, motor oils, cooking vapors, lipstick, ink, alcohol, insects and other unsavory items and you can see why some people might have an adverse reaction to being exposed to this unsavory mixture. Reactions can include rashes, headaches, watery eyes, itchy skin, coughing, insomnia and many other problems.

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What’s the solution? Simple – have your upholstered furniture cleaned professionally by our technicians here at Studio City Affordable Carpet Cleaning. We can clean sofa cushions, bar stools, home theater seating, footstools, futon mattresses, throw pillows, car seating, restaurant chairs, pet bedding, bed mattresses, chaise lounges, love seats, recliners and even patio furniture. Our services are thorough and professional and our rates are the best in town. So don’t wait – get the best Studio City upholstery cleaning with just one phone call to our company and see for yourself what a difference clean upholstery can make!

Call Now: (818) 921-4365