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Studio City Tile And Grout Cleaning

Can you name one of the most hated and frustrating cleaning jobs in the country? You would be correct if you said grout and tile cleaning. Studio City Affordable Carpet Cleaning offers a convenient and affordable way to escape this hair pulling job and that is to work with our in-house team of professional Studio City tile cleaning and grout re-sealing experts. We offer this service to all of our residential and commercial clients and we even show you nifty ways to keep your newly cleaned tiled surfaces fresh and great looking for longer periods. This saves you time and money as it can extend the period between cleanings.

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Q: I don’t understand why my tile and grout is so hard to clean and keep clean!

A: It’s simple really. Newly installed tile is glazed and very easy to clean. Newly lined grout should be sealed, making cleaning easy. While your tile will usually hold its glaze, your grout lines can lose their sealant (or maybe they were never sealed in the first place). Since grout is a very porous material, it will tend to absorb whatever comes into contact with it. This can include dirt, urine, blood, food particles, soap scum, detergents, coffee, mud, and many other items that are quickly soaked up into your grout like a sponge to water.

Q: How then do your Studio City tile cleaning technicians get my tiled surfaces really clean again?

A: Studio City Affordable Carpet Cleaning uses an effective combination of elbow grease, state of the art cleaning equipment, specialized cleaning methods and eco-friendly cleansers to get your tile and grout their cleanest since new. We then re-seal your grout lines and instruct you how to maintain this amazing new clean for a long time to come.

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Q: My tile and grout floors are so stained! Can your Studio City tile cleaning pros get them cleaned and back to their original color?

A: Yes we can! Our Studio City Affordable Carpet Cleaning staff is experienced and highly trained. We can clean and color match your dirty grout and if need be, we can replace it with new grout and seal your lines for a lasting and good looking appearance.

If your home or business has stone flooring, entry foyers, floor medallions, tables, counter tops or walls, our Studio City Affordable Carpet Cleaning can expertly clean and service them. We offer high quality professional stone service for marble, onyx, jasper, slate, limestone, travertine and man-made stone. We invite you to call our office for free estimates or more information. Our service breathes new life into your tile, grout, and stone surfaces so call us for great rates and superior quality service.

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